Max Payne 3 - review

Nine years, nine long years, that's how long it took someone to make a new Max Payne game. It's hard to tell if it was worth to wait, new studio, new ideas, new Max. Despite that I've been waiting for this game more than I've been waiting for Diablo 3. Was it worth it?

They put the game on 4 CDs, that they stacked on a pile. I don't know whos idea was that but switching disks is a pain (and installation takes an hour). I've finished the game in 7,5h on medium difficulty, but it's not medium as you know from other modern games, it's the old-school medium level. I mean, there is no auto health regeneration, you have to look for painkillers (medkits) and save them for dark hour. You have to avoid gunfights in the open, and you have to take cover more than pull the trigger and that's one of the main reasons why this game is so awesome.

But the difficulty isn't the only thing that should make you want to play this game. Rockstar did an amazing job, the game looks just amazing and it's so well optimized you can run it on pretty decent setting on pretty shitty PC. But the music in the game isn't so great, don't get me wrong - it's cool and I like it, but it's not for Max Payne, it's too...I don't know, too "not-max-payne".

I think I don't have to explain the bullet-time system, because everyone should have an idea what it is (from Matrix or from previous games). It works perfectly with Euphoria so the animations and gun fights are pretty epic. But the covering system is a bit broken (like in ME3) and sometimes you get shot because you can't hug the wall.

Storyline is well narrated (by Max himself) but it's too...funny, I mean, after a while Max sounds more like John McClane (Die Hard) with all that irony and sarcasm than a guy who's in a deep, deep hole called Life in depression on the bottom of bottle. It's cool, and Rockstar made neat trick with cut-scenes which are embed with gameplay (and you can't skip them FFS) so it feels like a movie (well, at some point there are more cinematics than gameplay) but it's not Max Payne climate, it misses the dark-sad atmosphere and it's less about Max and more about someone else. The game feels like a Max Payne universe game, but it's not the Max Payne game itself if you know what I mean (propably don't).

Multiplayer is a very, very nice addition. It should be treated like an extra mode than a proper multiplayer but it's very fun to play. It's the only shooter in which when I die, I die with a smile because I got killed in an epic slow-motion gunfight. It's bugged altough and Rockstar made rookie mistakes with spawnpoints (you respawn in front of someone too many times). Despite that the gameplay itself is pure fun and there is no such thing like overused bullet-time (there is never too much bullet time).

In the end Max Payne 3 is a really good game with awesome graphics and mechanics. Rockstar did an awesome job with it BUT it's not a proper Max Payne game itself, it doesn't have that magic-sad-depressed climat from 1 and 2. It's worth playing and it's tons of fun.

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