Why Battlefield 3 gonna SUCK

I've played BF3 beta since it came out. So it's like a week and a bit now. My first impressions was - OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE THIS GAME SO BAD. But now? I changed my mind. Why? The reason is very, very simple. As much as I love to teamwork and tactic games like battlefield and as much I hate Modern Warfare (for pointless running and fapping to K/D ratio) I hate this game so much now. Well, not all of them, the game itself is awsome and worth buying but if I think I will have to play with bunch of fuckin retards it makes me not want to buy it.

Of course this game have it's gloroius moments, like Operation Metro. Fine, it's boring after playing only one map for a week, but when I've played it I felt like I make a difference. I could win the map by myself or just grab three random guys, shout at them and then rush MComs to the victory. But when I played for JUST an hour Caspian Border I wanted to cut my wrists and cancel my pre-order. Why? Because every one is running like a fuckin retarded lemming. And if someone is not I'M NOT THE SAME SQUAD AS HE IS, so I can't take an advantage from it! But! It's not the only reason. After I spend 5 minutes running to checkpoint - because my team took all the fuckin tanks, jets, helicopters, jeeps, skijets, bikes, snowboars and rollerblades - I'm FUCKIN ALONE IN THERE. When I've played Operation Metro I felt that someone will cover my ass at some point, here I feel like I'm playing 1 vs 32. NOBODY will spawn on me because my squad is full of fuckin recons who think they're snipers - well good luck sniping tanks idiots. But when I put my hands on tank I can't make a difference because NOBODY will repair me, NOBODY will cover me and NOBODY will make an use out of my killing spree. So why I even bother to do ANYTHING since nobody does give a shit. After I decided with full responsibility to DESTROY all jets and helis, my team MAGICALY took ALL THE BASES, but as soon as flying-pile-of-crap spawned we lost all of them. So I had to ask myself - WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. And that's I'm saying BF3 SUCK. 

Of course somebody can say - Go play with your friends - yes I can do that, but what's the point of it if I'm not in squad with them and I can't pick squad. The only thing I can hope for is DICE making a patch which will heal retarded players. But as far as I know, that is not going to happen.

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